Turn Gym Bunny With Your Honey! How To Work Out With Your Partner


From stretching it out like Jessica Michibata and Jenson Button (above) to induldging in S & M (Not like that, cheeky!) here’s how to work out your love life…

1 Punch Out Your Passion

Don the Rocky-Style gloves and spar your way to a toned body and healthy relationship. “Boxing helps couples be disciplined, ditch negativity and reduce tension,” explains relationship expert Susan Quilliam. “You can both get rid of any friction, but channel it safely rather than lashing out.”

Pure Gym runs Boxercise classes for couples all over the UK. Membership costs from £9.99 a month.

2 Bend Over Backwards

Recent research suggests doing yoga together can triple a man’s ability to last longer in bed – from 7.3 minutes to 22 on average. Why? The laid-back exercise helps gents focus and relax while working to strengthen key, er, muscles. “Yoga also boosts blood flow, which can help men and women with arousal,” adds Susan.

Virgin Active Health Clubs offer a host of yoga options for couples. Membership costs from £40 a month

3 Flex ‘N’ Sex

Get adventurous with some S & M. No, not saucy whips – a cool new stretch and massage class at fitness chain Gymbox. “S & M uses foam rollers to soothe hard-to-reach muscles and ropes for assisted stretching to increase flexibility.” Explains group studio manager, Hester Campbell. “This class is great fun for couples – it’ll help keep your bodies supple and bendy.” Membership costs £53 a month.


By Giselle Wainwright