Tulisa’s Shock X Factor Announcement: Read It Here!

Tulisa has made a shock announcement on her Twitter page today, revealing that she’ll no longer be a part of this year’s The X Factor. The singer has decided to step down from her role as a judge on the ITV show, leaving everyone to question just who will fill her coveted seat. 

She said: “Just wanted to let you all know that I won’t be part of the X Factor panel this year. I’ve had a great time on the show, but this year it’s time to do something different. 

“I’d like to thank everyone on The X Factor for two amazing years. Stay tuned as I have a very exciting announcement soon!”

Ooh, what could it be? A new album? A new show? IS SHE GOING TO AUDITION?! Probably not. 

Louis Walsh has confirmed that he’s back on the panel, along with Gary Barlow, and rumours have been circulating for weeks that Sharon Osbourne has already signed a whopping deal to return. 

Here’s hoping the final spot is for Nicole Scherzinger. That would be shamazing!

By Rebecca Martin, 21st May 2013

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