Tulisa’s ‘Obsessed’ With Fifty Shades Of Grey Books

We’ve got one person to thank for the Fifty Shades Of Grey phenomenon – step forward, Tulisa.

The N-Dubz star has revealed that she’s behind the saucy trilogy’s success. Talking about the books to The Sun, she said: “I was probably one of the first people to get on the Fifty Shades Of Grey hype.

“I started reading it and I became obsessed, and I think I told everyone and anyone about it.

“Now it’s spread like wildfire.”

Get this girl a job in PR, pronto. She’s not the first star to rave about the novels, either – Amanda Holden has admitted that she can’t get enough of the S&M franchise, while Michelle Heaton and Amy Childs have both been spotted reading them in their local hair salons.

Kim Catrall meanwhile, told The Sun: “All these women of a certain age are finally having fun and what’s wrong with that? We’re all adults.”

Tulisa, you have a lot to answer for! RM