Tulisa Said To Be “Very Fragile” Following Arrest

Tulisa is said to be in a “very fragile” state of mind following her arrest on Tuesday for reportedly fixing an £820 cocaine deal, friends say.

The former X Factor judge’s £6million Hertfordshire mansion was raided for evidence earlier this week, while the singer’s fingerprints and DNA were taken at a central London police station. According to The Sun, the experience has left the 24-year-old shaken and struggling to cope, and friends are rallying round to support her.

“For all her bravado, she’s just a vulnerable 24-year-old girl”, a source close to the star revealed. “She’s very fragile, and this whole experience has put a huge amount of pressure on her.

“She has always come across as confident and self-assured, but the reality is she has the weight of the world on her shoulders and is very shaken.

“Having your house raided, fingerprints talen and a DNA swab from your mouth would be quite harrowing even for a hardened criminal – and Tulisa is not that.” 

Tulisa and close friend Mike GLC were arrested earlier this week on suspicion of supplying drugs to an undercover reporter, with rapper Mike having since protested their innocence. Since the pair were released on bail, the N-Dubz singer is said to have locked herself away, smoking heavily as she awaits her sentence.

“Nobody has seen her this low before”, revealed an insider. “A possible jail sentence and end to her career, if she is found guilty, is killing her. She’s strong, but it will take a lot to get her through this. Tulisa just sits in one chair downstairs all day and night, rocking back and forth saying, ‘My life is over'”.

Tulisa’s spokesperson has declined to comment. 

By Robyn Munson

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