Tulisa ‘Receives Medical Treatment’ Following Arrest

Tulisa‘s said to have been receiving medical treatment after having difficulties breathing following the former X Factor judge’s drug-related arrest last week.

The N-Dubz singer was called into a central London police station last Tuesday along with rapper friend Mike GLC under suspicion of supplying a reporter with class-A drugs. Since being released on bail, Tulisa is said to have been suffering from panic attacks after discovering that police had raided her Hertfordshire mansion and confiscated her laptop and phone.

“Tulisa went into the police station trying to be positive and strong but came out a complete mess, shattered and in shock”, a source told the Daily Star. “She started struggling to breathe and suffered a minor panic attack. She knows her career is pretty much in tatters. The realisation of how serious it all is hit her. At first she was just in shock but now she’s terrified she won’t come back from this.

“She’s been struggling to sleep and has been in floods of tears. Tulisa comes across as tough but deep down she’s quite vulnerable.”

The source adds that despite the reported footage published by The Sun, allegedly showing the 24-year-old talking about her circle of drug-dealing friends, the singer won’t be turning them in to the police: “Tulisa’s told close friends she isn’t a grass. Her friends are like her family and she has vowed to stick by them.” 

Whle close friend and rapper Mike GLC has recently spoken out protesting the pair’s innocence, the star has yet to speak out about the allegations.

By Robyn Munson

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