Tulisa Jokes About ‘Affair With Married Footballer’

Tulisa got herself into a sticky situation with her agent today, when she prank called him live on Nick Grimshaw’s Radio 1 show.

For the Call or Delete segment, Tulisa had to pick a name in her phonebook to prank call – the results of which have left us cringing! The singer and X Factor judge called her PR Simon Jones to tell him she’d been papped kissing a married footballer that she’s having an affair with. Cringe.

Obviously, it’s not true – but we have to say that Tulisa was VERY convincing and didn’t giggle once. Get this girl an acting role, stat!

Simon was shocked at Tulisa’s claims, but told her to sit tight and not to worry, saying all they could do was to wait and see if the daily papers printed the pictures. Tulisa added she’d need a “police escort”, saying “the nation’s gonna hate me”. 

Her PR kept his cool – but we reckon Tulisa will be getting a right telling off this evening! Oops! RM