Tulisa Is Smiling Again Following Drug Arrest

Tulisa Contostavlos was spotted yesterday looking glum following her arrest for allegedly orchestrating a cocaine deal, but she was all smiles today as she reunited with her cousin Dappy and the N-Dubz crew.

The former X Factor judge was arrested alongside 34-year-old rapper Mike GLC, after reportedly being filmed saying she could arrange for cocaine and cannabis to be delivered to an undercover reporter, while Mike was said to be recorded delivering the drugs to a hotel suite. Since being released on bail, Tulisa is said to have been suffering from panic attacks, following police raiding her Hertfordshire mansion and confiscating her laptop and phone.

A source told the Daily Star: “Tulisa went into the police station trying to be positive and strong, but came out a complete mess, shattered and in shock.She started struggling to breathe and suffered a minor panic attack. She knows her career is pretty much in tatters. The realisation of how serious it all is hit her. At first she was just in shock but now she’s terrified she won’t come back from this.”

Tulisa, who hasn’t released an official statement about the arrest, seems to have a smile back on her face now that she’s with her old bandmates. And it raises the question: is there an N-Dubz reunion on the cards?

By Lucy Hancock

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