TRX: The Gym Go-To That Will Transform Your Body

TRX. This is one piece of equipment you’ve got to get acquainted with – it’s really not as scary as it looks, we promise! Plus, it’s brilliant for burning fat and toning you up, with celebs such as Abbey Clancy loving it as it gets you SUPER FIT.

Here’s your TRX debrief…

What on earth does TRX stand for?

Total Body Resistance Exercise. First introduced by a Navy Seal this body transforming equipment is adding a new military edge to your weekly workout.

TRX Exercises TRX Exercises


The home set comes with a how-to guide and six free workout routines targeting different trouble areas including a total body workout to kick you into shape. The portable design of the kit means that you can use it anywhere. All you need is a wall, doorframe or bar and the motivation to jump squat your way to success.

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What Work Outs Do You Do On It?

Key workouts include the classic Single Leg Lunge, putting all your body weight on one leg using the suspension of the TRX, and plenty of other bootcamp style moves, all intensified with that little bit of elevation. Try planking while the TRX straps round your ankles, or a knee tuck with your legs in the air, the rules are simple; push, elevate and don’t give in. If in doubt you can hire a personal trainer specially trained in the art of TRX to get you ready for those New Year parties.

TRX Exercises TRX Exercises


A Celeb’s Body

Celebs are jumping on the wagon too, with Mary J.Blige and Jennifer Lopez being some of the many famous faces singing the praises of the contraption. Celebrity trainer Gunnar Peterson tells People “there’s not really a body part that you can’t hit using it.”

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How Much Is It?

The home kit itself comes in at around £150, but many gyms are beginning to invest in response to growing popularity. It’s time to brush the dust off those old straps and take the leap, give TRX a chance and your body will thank you for it.

By Kadie Eve