The Hard Truth You Need To Hear About Your Christmas Dinner Calorie Count

The only thing harder to choke down than your Auntie’s undercooked Brussels sprouts is the truth. Especially the truth about what you’re really eating at Christmas Dinner. Not in terms of the food itself, because we know that it’s delicious, but rather the calorie content of your mega-roast and the time it’ll take to work it off.

We know you probably don’t want to hear this but before we get into the horrifying numbers, we wanted to say, don’t let this deter you from going all out this Christmas. What is Christmas if not a time for overindulgence?

Knowledge is power around the Christmas dinner table so when your weight-conscious Nan starts spouting sweeping statements about fat or sugar content, you need to be ready with these disarming but manageable facts about Christmas eating.

As reported by the Metro, these are the scariest facts about your Christmas dinner. Remember, they don’t matter – it’s only one day a year.

Okay, so across the entire day you’ll consume about 6,000 calories which equates to about 210g of fat. You still there? You’ll eat 2,000 of these even before sitting at the dinner table.

To work off a day’s work (eating), you’ll need to do 21.5 hours of walking, eight hours on the treadmill or 13 hours of aerobics. That’s what New Year’s gym sessions are for!

As the Metro correctly point out, food is not something that should be moralised. It’s fun to just go all out just for one day. Here’s a pro-tip straight from the heart: drink as much water as you can on Christmas Eve to expand your stomach. More stomach space for the avalanche of food coming the next day.

Look, everyone is going to be eating a lot this Christmas and as long as you know that you can’t do it everyday, you should have a clean conscience while filling yourself with dirty food.