The Truth Behind Love Island’s Camilla’s Eyelashes Has Been Revealed

Camilla's lashes have been baffling fans since the start of the show...

Love her or not, Camilla Thurlow has been one of the most interesting characters we’ve ever seen on Love Island.

Her feminism rows and literature chats have surprised fans more than the Islanders’ bedroom antics, and we’ve loved watching her come out of her shell and fall for Calvin Klein model Jamie Jewitt.

BUT, there’s one thing about the 28-year-old that has had viewers truly baffled as the weeks progress – and that’s her eyelashes.

Camilla Thurlow

Poor Cam’.

Fans of the ITV2 reality show have been talking about them continuously on social media, with Tweets including: ‘If Camilla’s eyelashes can make it through 7 weeks of  you can make it through today,’ ‘If this Jamie geezer is that good at everything why hasn’t he fixed Camilla’s eyelashes,’ and: ‘I literally love Camilla, but f*** her eyelashes drive me insane!!’

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Well, nobody can be totally perfect.

But when a certain Geordie Shore star asked about the infamous lashes, we finally got our answer.

Chloe Ferry wrote on the site: ‘The only thing a want to know is who the f*** did camilas eyelash extensions they have lasted a pure mission!!! [sic].’

Clearing it all up, former Islander Chloe Crowhurst replied: ‘She does them herself everyday!!!! 🙈.’

It all makes sense!

Camilla on Love Island

Fans seemed relieved to finally have the answer, with one Tweeting: ‘Finding out Camilla does her own eyelashes everyday has answered so many questions.’

Another defended Cam’: ‘There was a bit in the middle where they looked a bit grim but mostly they’ve been beautiful.’

Apologies for the pun in advance, but we personally think she looks Cam-azing every day.

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By Emily Jefferies