This Travel Site Will Book Your Entire Holiday Without Telling You Your Destination

For the easily stressed, the idea of booking a holiday where you have no control over where you’re going sounds like a trip to hell rather than paradise.

Travel sites encourage thorough research to make sure you’re getting as close to your dream trip as possible. This travel site has a different philosophy.

Jubel is a travel booking agency that sends you to a surprise destination across the globe. Anyone who’s ever done a fair amount of travelling will tell you that the best moments of traversing the globe are the unexpected.

So why not turn the whole holiday into something unexpected?

Enjoy the view ✌🏼️

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So Jubel will send you off to a mystery destination but it doesn’t just end there. Once you arrive in your destination and accommodation, the company will guide you on your journey by delivering letters to you with recommendations of adventures to have.

It’s like a travel agent and trip advisor in one… just way more quirky.

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably wondering how exactly this system works. It sounds very loose and unorganised so let’s shed some light on the nuts and bolts of Jubel.

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Step 1 – Choose a path

You’ll obviously need to choose a destination but you don’t really get to do that. The experience is entirely bespoke (their word, not ours). You’ll describe the kind of trip you want and give them ideas from a list of inspirations. That’s as much choice as you’ll get.

Step 2 – Create your experience

One survey is what you get to craft your custom trip. The good news is that Jubel won’t charge you until you’re happy with the proposal and price which includes transport, accommodation and flights.

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Step 3 – Set off on an adventure

As you explore your chosen destination, Jubel envelopes will reveal you next local destination and provide handpicked recommendations. It’s a pretty inventive way to keep you exploring!

Step 4 – Resources 

Your Jubel Pack will allow you to create your own schedule and set your own pace. The holiday is planned on your behalf but it is still your trip!

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