Amy Schumer promoting Trainwreck

Trainwreck: Why You Need To See This LOL-Worthy Film

Amy Schumer’s new film Trainwreck will make you laugh until you cry. But it’s not all about the hot new comedienne because she has a stellar cast to back her up. Here’s everything we love about (the best film since Bridesmaids) Trainwreck…

Tilda Swindon As The Faux-Brit Editor…

> Tilda Swinton bringing the LOLs as Amy’s boss





Tilda Swinton transforms herself for the role of Amy’s perma-tanned Brit Editor. Her lack of empathy, patronizing tone and faux-British accent are incredible.

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Vanessa Bayer As The BFF We All Have…

> “Guys, I think we’re stuck|”



We heart Vanessa Bayer as Amy’s long-suffering best friend, Nikki. Vanessa brings her Saturday Night Live experience to the film and it’s all the better for it: “Why would he call, you guys just had sex?!’

John Cena And LeBron James In Awesome Sporting Cameos…

> We all want to be close to LeBron, Bill



From wrestler John Cena in the buff, to basketball player LeBron James’ playing a hilarious parody of himself. Seriously, we have new respect for LeBron.

Bill Hader As Dr Aaron Conners…

> Bill Hader is the funniest man alive. Fact.




Bill Hader is one of our favourite people ever anyway, but as Amy’s love-interest sports surgeon Aaron, we’ve fallen for him in a whole new way.

Trainwreck is out in cinemas nationwide now.