The Truth Behind *That* Toy Story Fan Theory

Toy Story holds fond memories even for the most grown-up of adults. 

But there’s always been one little question that we’ve been waiting to have answered. Fan theorists and internet forums have tried to debate and answer the question: where’s Andy’s dad at?

Dedicated Disney fans might have noticed that his mum and baby sister make appearances in the film. But dad never gets a mention. 

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Of course, families come in all sorts of different sizes and set-ups, each of them as important as the last. But our thirst for Disney-knowledge has left us wondering about the backstory of one of our favourite childhood characters.

Absentee parents aren’t a new theme for these fairytale films, and the real reason behind that is truly heartbreaking.



But our friends over at have actually unearthed the real reason for the lack of Andy’s dad. In fact, it’s come straight from the mouth of director, Lee Unkrich.

He told MSN Movies, ‘We’ve never addressed it directly, nor have we given any explanation for where he is or why he’s absent. We don’t mean to be mysterious about it; it’s just never been relevant to the story’.

So, that’s that then. 

As for all of the internet speculation?


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Toy Story’s director is all for it. In fact, he’s got some theories of his own, ‘Maybe Woody is so special to Andy because he was given to him by his dad. I don’t know if that is the case or not, but there is that kind of unspoken question, “Why would Woody be especially special to him?”’