TOWIE’s Tom Kilbey EXCLUSIVE: “Lydia’s Break Up Video Was Odd”

Tom Kilbey is many people’s idea of a pretty good catch, but he recently broke up with girlfriend (and ex-TOWIE co-star) Lydia Bright, who then posted a video on YouTube explaining why she had dumped him. Harsh? Tom certainly thinks so. We caught up with Tom and he gave us his reaction to the video, telling us he was “a bit stuck for words.”

Lydia’s video, which has had nearly 70,000 hits on YouTube since being posted just over a week ago, sees her explain that they had “an amazing relationship for the first six to eight months, and it was just the last four months” that they weren’t getting on. Lydia continues: “The fact is, that me and Tom just weren’t really very compatible.” The reality TV star also adds that it wasn’t a bad break up, and she thinks that ‘eventually’ they will be friends.

Tom, however, seems quite shocked at the way things have turned out. In response to the video, Tom has told LOOK that he knew the media would be a part of his break-up, but he didn’t expect it to be like it is. “You break up with someone, you make a YouTube video!” he said in disbelief. “I thought it was a bit odd.” Despite saying they left each other on “great terms” Tom admits that since Lydia posted her YouTube video, he hasn’t spoken to her at all. “I just felt the video was taking the mick out of me,” Tom told us.

In this week’s LOOK magazine, we look at Lydia’s YouTube ‘break up’ video and ask if you would post a similar video on social media – read it and let us know what you think by commenting below!

By Hannah Wilson

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