TOWIE Fans Had A Big Reaction To Pete Wicks And Chloe Sims’ Emotional Reunion

Not a dry eye in the house...

It’s been a rather turbulent past few weeks for TOWIE’s Pete Wicks- as the fella has called time on his romance with co-star Megan McKenna once more, managing to ruffle feathers among his fellow cast.

During this very difficult time, Pete’s relationship with former pal Chloe Sims has felt the pressure- after the pair fell out over tensions surrounding Pete’s rocky romance with Megan.

Just had a workout with this one.. #tinystuff on tiptoes πŸ˜‚ love him @p_wicks01

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However, during last nights season finale of the current series, the pair appeared to *finally* let bygones be bygones – having emotionally buried the hatchet for the final time.

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During the episode, the pair had finally managed to mend their friendship during the masquerade ball.

After coming face-to-face at the event, Pete made the first move. He told Chloe: ‘I think I owe you an apology and I think… I miss you, basically. And it’s horrible that things have gone the way that they have’.

He then added: ‘You were there when I needed you and obviously I ended up getting back with Megan, and I know that made things difficult for you because I did speak to you about a lot of things at the time what I got the hump with’.

After Chloe told Pete that he had ‘hurt her beyond words’, Pete responded: ‘I’ve come here to tell you that I’m sorry, and I miss you. I was in the wrong, and I made the wrong choice, but I made it because I was in love with someone.’

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The pals then embraced, signalling the end of their feud. Posting a snap of the heartfelt moment onto Instagram, Chloe shared a public message to Pete: ‘I missed you @p_wicks01’.

Nope, we’re not crying. It’s just hay fever, honest.

I missed you @p_wicks01

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Many fans have taken to social media following the very moving reunion- and it would appear there wasn’t a dry eye in the place…

One user wrote, ‘Can’t believe I’m teary over Pete and Chloe’s chat. Seriously need to reevaluate my life! But it was soooo lovely [sic].’

Another shared, ‘Very nearly shed a tear at Pete and Chloe making up‘.

And they sure as heck aren’t the only ones…

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As for us, we’re so happy to see these two on talking terms again.

By Alice Perry