The Awkward Phone Moment From Last Night’s TOWIE

Has Pete Wicks already disobeyed Megan McKenna by keeping his phone in his pocket during their romantic spa trip?

It was an emotional episode of TOWIE last night, as Megan Mckenna and Pete Wicks took some time away from Essex to attempt to get their relationship back on track.

The TOWIE duo, who have had every moment of their relationship scrutinised ever since Pete was caught sexting a number of other women, enjoyed a romantic trip to Champneys spa to finally get some alone time.

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Pete whisked Megan off to a romantic spa resort...

Pete whisked Megan off to a romantic spa resort…

But for all of his sweet words to Megan, Pete found himself back in the doghouse with viewers after they noticed that he’d disobeyed Megan before the date had even got going.

In one of the opening scenes from last night’s episode, Megan told Pete that she’d like it to be a no-phone zone, so that they could concentrate on each other with no distractions.

Pete was seen with a phone in his back pocket after Megan asking for a ban...

Pete was seen with a phone in his back pocket after Megan asking for a ban…

However, when Pete was scene walking away, his mobile phone was clearly visible in his back pocket. OH NO, PETE.

And fans of the show were quick to chastise him, with one tweeting: ‘#TOWIE Pete sounds so genuine, but that phone was still in his back pocket though? #mobileban #sexting.’

Another posted: ‘No phones Megan said on the day and they take a walk and Pete has a phone in his back pocket! Is Pete waiting for a bail out call ? #TOWIE’.

‘Pretty sure that was a phone in Pete’s back pocket. Tut tut’, tweeted a third.

However, other fans totally had Pete’s back, and when Megan finally agreed to ‘toast to our first date’, a whole load of comments flooded in to support the couple’s decision to give it another go.

‘Megan & pete tonight on towie are just so cute’, one tweeted.

‘Megan & Pete story line plays with my heart strings #TOWIE’, said another.

A third wrote: ‘Pete and Megan need to get back together #TOWIE ?’.

Whatever Megan decides, it will be right for her. We’ve got your back, girl.