TOWIE’s Pete Wicks Wants You To Know Something About Megan McKenna

The ITVBe star has spoken out about his split from Megan McKenna. And TOWIE fans have one question...

Pete Wicks and Megan McKenna still seem to be surrounded by drama, despite the fact that they have broken up.

The pair confirmed that they had called time on their relationship away from the show, with Megan taking to her Twitter account to announce: ‘I was keeping quite out of respect for him. But as he’s been ‘blabbing’ and bragging about other Tv shows I will now confirm we are OVER.’

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What’s more, close friend Chloe Sims has weighed in on the situation, claiming: ‘They were happy, then she broke up with him out of the blue.’

She continued to Star magazine, ‘Pete confides in me and he’s been in tears. I feel really sorry for him.’

But now it seems that Pete has had enough of people speculating about his former relationship.

The 28-year-old has taken to his own social media account to hit back: ‘Just to clarify, Megan and I split because it was an unhealthy relationship. We hadn’t been happy for a while and both agreed. #EnoughSaid’.

Viewers of The Only Way Is Essex seem keen to know if and when the break-up is going to play out on screen, with replies including: ‘When do we see it on towie is the question?!’ and ‘As loyal towie fans we demand to see the real drama which is the end of Pegan.’

Sadly for Pegan, the former couple seemed to have been struggling to get their romance back on track after some shattering news broke last year.

Pete was reportedly caught sending naughty messages to some girls, including one of his exes, whilst on holiday with then-girlfriend Megan.

Megan Pete

The former Ex On The Beach lady confronted him on the show, and shared her very real heartbreak on social media with fans.

After a lot of grovelling on Pete’s part – which included an ‘M’ tattoo – Meg’ decided to give the relationship another shot.

Despite fans, family and friends rooting for them, it seems as though things really weren’t going very well, and both have now decided to go their separate ways.


We respect their decision to walk away, and hope they both find happiness.