The *One* Pete Wicks Scene From Last Night’s TOWIE That Left Viewers Furious

Yep. Safe to say those tears didn't go down too well, Pete...

Last night’s TOWIE episode was always going to be a hard one to watch, as The Only Way Is Essex fans were able to see the exact moment Megan McKenna confronted boyfriend Pete Wicks about those sexting rumours.

And as predicted, it was totally heartbreaking to watch Megan break down in tears as she asked Pete to explain why on earth he would jeopardise their relationship for a few naughty texts.

(We mean, we want to know the same thing. WHY Pete WHYYYYYYYY???).

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After the initial row in Marbella, viewers then saw a teary Pete cry on BFF James Lock’s shoulder as he confessed he had made ‘the biggest mistake’, after which he stated he wouldn’t ‘give up’ on Megan.

But Pete’s efforts to win his gorgeous lady back definitely weren’t appreciated by the 99.9% of the TOWIE viewers, as his teary apologies went down like a lead balloon.

‘Pete’s crocodile tears are embarrassing! Threw away a diamond for a dirty little stone???? #towim #towie’, tweeted one angry viewer.

‘Oh leave off Pete mate. We were all rooting for you since day one. You’ve disappointed us. You haven’t only broken Megan’s heart! ✋ #TOWIM’, slammed another.

Whilst some women were simply concerned that they had now lost faith in the entire male population.

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‘My heart actually just broke for @Megan_Mckenna_ ? genuinely thought Pete was one of the good ones. #TOWIM’, said one.

‘Genuinely thought Pete was a good egg and now I have about 2% belief that men can be faithful ? #TOWIE #TOWIM’, tweeted another.

megan mckenna

Megan was seen suggesting to Dani that her and Pete might not be totally over…

However, some viewers were also critical of Megan on last night’s show, after she was seen hinting to pal Danielle Armstrong that she might be willing to give Pete another chance, although she’d be worried about the ‘trust’.

‘Megan can’t seriously consider staying with Pete ? #TOWIE’, slammed one fan.

Megs is a wise, sassy woman, and we think she should do whatever feels right for her. But Pete? You REALLY messed up, pal.