TOWIE Fans Are Heartbroken Over Megan McKenna and Pete Wicks

In scenes filmed before the couple split, an emotional conversation happened during the couple's first year anniversary celebration...

It’s pretty hard not to become emotionally invested in the lives of our fave TOWIE stars. And after last night’s episode, it’s fair to say we’re very much feeling things.

As you probably know, Megan McKenna and Pete Wicks are officially over, having recently confirmed their break-up via social media.

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But the pair are still in a relationship on the show, meaning scenes of their split are forthcoming.

Last night’s episode appeared to hint that these are edging closer, with the emotional couple having an explosive conversation in which they both admitted to having issues in their relationship.

The spat, which happened during their one-year anniversary celebration, saw Megan asking Pete: ‘Why should we celebrate a year when its been so s***?’

Clearly distressed, she added: ‘The way you are with me. It’s not normal the way you are. You’re f***ing miserable 24/7. I’m not miserable around my friends. I didn’t wanna come here in the f***ing first place.’

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Pete responded that the romance had been ‘a waste of a year of my f***ing life,’ before storming out the room.

Megan McKenna

Megan McKenna is now known for her on-off relationship with Pete Wicks

Eeep. Following the heated row, fans took to social media to give their thoughts.

One Tweeted: ‘Heartbreaking watching Pete and Megan scene.’

Referencing previous dramas between the pair, another said: ‘Feel awful for Pete and Megan. Don’t think she ever forgave him and it’ll be so hard for them to mend and grow with the nation watching.’

A particularly sad piece of advice read: ‘Megan and Pete’s relationship shows no matter how many times you try to fix things it won’t work if you’re with the wrong person.’

Both Megan and Pete have since posted cryptic messages on their pages. While Megan chose to share a simple line of dots with her followers, Pete said that he’s been having trouble sleeping.

We’re already stocking up on tissues for Wednesday’s episode…

Alice Perry