Which TOWIE Cast Member Is Now Turning On Megan McKenna?

On tonight's TOWIE episode, Chloe Sims warns Megan that her angry outburst over Pete's sexy lingerie shoot could risk her losing him...

So safe to say tonight’s TOWIE looks pretty eventful.

In some sneak peek pictures from tonight’s episode, we see things taking a bit of a U-turn for Megan McKenna as she finds herself in the firing line amidst that Pete Wicks drama.

The brunette beauty kicked off at her on/off ex during a birthday lunch for Pete organised by her mum and dad on Sunday’s episode after she saw the first shots from his (slightly) steamy Anne Summers campaign.

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chloe lewis

TOWIE’s Chloe tells Megan she’s close to losing Pete after her angry rant…

But it sounds like some people felt that Megan’s outburst was a little uncalled for, and tonight, we see Pete’s pal Chloe Sims laying in to Megan as she tells her she’s close to losing him.

‘I couldn’t believe it when Megan kicked off on Twitter after seeing Pete’s Ann Summers campaign photos’, Chloe told Star.

‘She shouldn’t be jealous of the girls he’s posing with – they’re models, and who’s to say they’d be interested in Pete anyway? I was with them the night before it happened and they seemed really happy. It’s a real shame Megan had to make it public again.

‘Poor Pete. I feel sorry for him.’

And viewers kind of agreed, as during Sunday’s show, TOWIE fans flooded Twitter with messages about Megan behaving slightly unfairly.

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‘I know what Petes done but the way he got spoken to in the restaurant by Megan, felt sorry for him😳 #Towie’, one wrote.

‘I like Megan but as if she did that to Pete in front of her parents! Pete didn’t do anything wrong, he did a photoshoot for work! #TOWIE’, another posted.

Whilst a third tweeted: ‘Megan, Just because someone betrayed your trust doesn’t give you free rein to control them. #TOWIE.’

Behind every strong woman is a wanker in a pink jacket…😑😂

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During her rant, Megan told her parents of Pete’s sexy shoot: ‘They were taken when we were together. I think that’s disrespectful to our relationship.

‘Can you imagine if that was the other way around? I wouldn’t have done that because I have respect. He obviously has none.’

Still, if their latest romantic Snapchats are anything to go by, we’d say Megs has well and truly forgiven him now. Awww.