Which TOWIE Exes Secretly Hooked Up In Marbella, And Now ‘Regret’ It?

This is seriously juicy stuff...

When the TOWIE cast hit Marbella to film a summer special, you know there’s going to be plenty of fire.

Fights, flings and a whole lot of flirting are kind of what we expect from The Only Way Is Essex gang, but do you know what we definitely didn’t expect? That THESE two exes would hook up again.

Yep, it’s now been revealed that Lydia Bright and James ‘Arg’ Argent secretly hooked up whilst filming in Marbs this year. But one of them is regretting it already…

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‘[Arg] has always struggled to let her go and the pair ended up hooking up for one night only’, a source told Reveal.

But Lydia apparently now ‘deeply regrets’ the whole thing, which perhaps explains why both of them have kept VERY quiet on the matter.

‘Lydia can’t believe she fell for Arg’s charms once again,’ a source told The Sun. ‘She puts it down to having a weak moment and deeply regrets leading him on.

‘Arg was beaming afterwards, telling close pals it was a sure sign he was back in Lydia’s good books. But that’s certainly not the case.’

The last time we checked, Arg and Lydia were firmly over, after that dramatic scene in the last series of TOWIE, where a furious Lydia was seen telling her ex to ‘stay away’.

‘You’re not the kind of person I want to be in my life’, she shouted at James. ‘I would like you to stay away from my friends and family…

‘My life is my life now, and I’m getting on with it, we’ll keep it that we’re strangers. We will just walk past each other and that’s how I would like it. I don’t want to know you any more.’

Blimey. Will these two ever get a clean break?