TOWIE’s Lydia Comes Under Fire For Her Arg Comments

The first episode of the new series of The Only Way Is Essex aired last night. And there was one scene in particular that everyone was talking about.

The TOWIE Mallorca special showed Lydia Bright and James Argent going through yet another rough patch, but this time, things got particularly ugly.

One scene showed Lydia having a blazing shouting match with her ex as she told him she ‘despised’ him.

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towie lydia bright TOWIE’s Lydia was criticised for her harsh words towards her ex, Arg


‘You made me hate you’, she screamed. ‘When I look at you, I despise you. I just can’t get my head around it. I never understand it.’

‘And what you did that night, for me is the most disrespectful, selfish act that I’ve ever heard of. What you did was disgusting, absolutely disgusting – but you knew you wanna do it.’

The scene, which followed their break-up back in May, resulted in Arg in floods of tears – and fans reacted very strongly on Twitter.

towie arg billie faiers TOWIE’s Arg posing on holiday with Billie Faiers…


‘#TOWIE catch up – WOAH, Lydia was so nasty the way she spoke to Arg!’, one fan blasted.

‘Bloody hell Lydia went in on arg very strong there considering he didn’t even do that bad of a thing! was a bit much poor arg  #TOWIE’, said another.

Yep, there was an overwhelming response of fans blasting Lydia for her actions – we mean, WHAT?! We totally sympathised with the blonde beauty, as Arg has clearly done the dirty once again… And to be honest, we felt like her feelings were totally justified.

lydia towie twitter Tonnes of fans also offered words of support for Lydia


Thankfully, others agreed with us and showed her some sisterly solidarity.

‘@LydiaRoseBright such a strong independent woman. You go girl’, one viewer praised.

towie girls mallorca The TOWIE girls have been filming in Mallorca this summer


‘Well done Lydia ,takes a strong person to do that @LydiaRoseBright’, commented another.

Lydia also followed up with a tweet thanking her fans for their response, writing: ‘Never had such a big Twitter response. Thank you everyone for your messages of support. That was a hard ep, everything from the hear.’

Sending you love, lady.