TOWIE’s Jon Faces Huge Backlash After Last Night’s Episode

The Only Way Is Essex fans were not impressed with Jonathan's anger towards Kate...

Last night was another explosive episode in the world of The Only Way Is Essex. But there was one star who was causing all the drama.

TOWIE’s Jonathan Clark came face to face with Kate Wright after she attempted to sort things out following their fall-out on Sunday night’s episode.

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jon clarke towie

TOWIE’s Jon has been slammed by Twitter viewers for his angry behaviour…

Kate accused Jon of sending her suggestive voice notes, and threatened to play them to the rest of the gang, before Jon hit back by revealing to close pal Dan that his ex, Kate, has slept with one of his close friends.

But when Kate tried to talk it out by joining the boys in the pub on last night’s episode, Jon quickly launched into a foul-mouthed tirade before calling her a ‘slag’ and a ‘b***h’ and storming off – his brother Chris even had to restrain him as he attempted to smash up furniture. And viewers on Twitter was totally appalled.

‘Jon is horrible! #TOWIE’, tweeted one shocked viewer.

‘Thought Jon was a nice guy ’til we saw the aggressive side to him. Jesus #towie’, commented another.

Many others slammed Jon for being a ‘hot head’ and accused him of having major ‘anger issues’.

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kate wright towie

Kate attempted to have a civilised conversation with Jon following their fallout

Things quickly escalated after his chat with Kate, with Jon later launching into another angry rant, this time directed at Diags, who somehow got caught up in the whole mess whilst trying to defend his longtime pal, Dan.

Diags later tweeted: ‘Always got your back @dan_edgar1’, with fans replying saying that they thought he handled the argument well.

‘Diags you handled that very well! X’, wrote one.

‘Good on Ya diags’, said another.

Phew. We just hope Jon manages to stay cooler next time.