TOWIE’s Courtney Green Sparks Quite A Reaction From Viewers

On the most recent episode of the show, the 21-year-old shared a list of, er, rules for her new boyfriend Myles...

Courtney Green already had people talking about her new relationship, primarily because of the teddy bear she tried to offer him over dinner.

Well that’s one way to try and ask someone out, isn’t it?

Viewers were left pretty confused after Wednesday night’s episode, though, having watched the reality star go through a list of relationship ‘rules’ that she’d compiled for new boyfriend Myles Barnett.


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As TOWIE romances go, this one is (so far) pretty drama free. After dating for a few months, they made things official – again, with a teddy bear – and have now been together for about one week.

Twins 🐻

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But it seems as though Courtney is having a hard time adjusting to life as a girlfriend.

Opening up to her girls, Chloe Lewis and Chloe Meadows, she explained: ‘He has to answer the phone on the second ring.

‘Because you girls know what I’m like.’

She continued, ‘There has been a time when Myles wasn’t answering his phone, so I emailed him, texted him, WhatsApp’d him, social media’d him and then I turned up to his house.’


And it didn’t stop there.

Courtney Green

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A little later on in the episode, the ITVBe star whipped out a book of ‘rules’ and proceeded to read them out to him.

One of them included: ‘Your phone has to face upwards whenever it’s in sight.’

Viewers on social media wasted no time in commenting on the, well, extreme relationship expectations.

Reactions included: ‘Courtney is way too extra #towie what man can deal with her rules seriously Is this real life lol’ and ‘Why is Courtney behaving like she’s never had a boyfriend before, can she calm down #TOWIE’ [sic].

Courtney, who must have noticed the reaction that she’d sparked, took to her own Twitter account to address the situation.

She wrote: ‘I’m glad SOME people get my humour 🙄😂📝’.

Well, Myles seems to have seen the funny side. And that’s what really matters…