TOWIE’s Chloe Lewis *Finally* Finds Out The Truth About Megan McKenna

After a pretty turbulent series, Chloe Lewis and Megan Mckenna have *finally* concluded the Jake Hall scandal.

These TOWIE sorts aren’t the type to let bygones by bygones, are they?!

Anyone who has watched the past seven hundred TOWIE series (okay, maybe like one and a half) will be very aware of the Megan Mckenna and Chloe Lewis drama. A.K.A- WW3, Essex style.

And, for the very few not already well acquainted with the feud, allow us to explain:

Towards the end of last series, things took a bit of a dramatic turn during a game of ‘never-have-I-ever’ (because, what else?!). Yup, TOWIE fans were gifted the pretty massive bombshell of Megan having possibly having slept with Jake Hall, Chloe L’s boyfriend of five years, whilst they were still in a relationship.

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During the game, Chloe Lewis dropped the ‘Never have I ever slept with someones boyfriend’. That old chestnut… Fans soon learnt that Chloe had aimed this at Megan, after she had heard rumours of Meg becoming involved with Jake whilst they were still together.

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Obviously this was not the end of the saga, as the pair have continued to feud throughout the current series- Megan, who is now in a relationship with Pete Wicks, has profusely denied becoming involved with Jake throughout recent episodes. Of course, this has caused multiple explosive rows (including our personal fave, the ‘you and your fringe can f**k off’ scenario).

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And so, we’re pretty surprised that during last nights TOWIE finale, the girls finally came to a concluding decision over the scandal- and it didn’t even involve any angry fringes!

During Bobby’s circus themed 30th birthday party last night, Megan and Chloe reached their final blows- with Chloe confirming that she had been told by Jake that Megan had slept with him. Eek!

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Chloe says, ‘This is really awkward and I feel really uncomfortable. I just want you to know that I don’t blame you. I was going through a s**t time. It would have been nice for you to pull me aside and tell me it did happen. That’s all I wanted’.

She then added, ‘I’ve been made out to be this bitter and horrible person and I’m not. I know my relationship with Jake was s**t. I have to be around you and see you and Pete being happy’.

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When Megan continued to defend herself, Chloe dropped the series bombshell- telling Megs, ‘he has confessed it to me’- adding ‘It was out of respect for me [that I wanted you to apologise]. I know for a fact that it went on.’ Yikes yikes and more yikes.

Whether or not Megan and Jake were definitely a thing, at least it wasn’t all doom and gloom for Megs- as boyfriend Pete finally confessed his love for her. And it was *so* *cute*

Alice Perry