Why Sleeping Too Much Is Actually Dangerous

We all love a lie-in, right?

Whether it’s the weekend or we’re on holiday, getting a few extra hours in bed is sometimes exactly what we need after a busy week at work.

But it turns out that those lazy mornings could actually be bad for our health.

According to research from the University of Sydney, sleeping more than nine hours is so dangerous it could actually put us at risk of premature death.

But before you start panicking and rushing to your doctor for a check-up, there’s a lot more to the study than there first appears.

The odd late morning shouldn’t affect you too much. Instead, it’s people who are generally inactive and spend most of their days sleeping and sitting down who should worry.

In fact, they’re four times more likely to die young.

The study also discovered several concerning combinations, such as too much sleep with a sedentary lifestyle and too little sleep with alcohol and smoking.

It seems the most important thing to note is that we should be aiming to get between 7-9 hours of sleep per night. We should also be refraining from too much alcohol and smoking and trying to keep active throughout the day.

One of the researchers – Dr. Melody Ding – tells the Daily Mail: ‘When you add lack of exercise into the mix, you get a type of “triple whammy effect.”

‘So try not to sleep your days away, make sure you get up and move around while you’re at work, and use exercise as a sure-fire way to stave off the effects of an otherwise sedentary lifestyle.’

We think that’s pretty good advice to bear in mind.