Tommy Mallet Lashes Out At TOWIE And Hints At Leaving The Show In Angry Twitter Rant

Tommy is NOT happy about his portrayal on the show recently...

We’re only three episode in to the new series of The Only Way Is Essex, but there has already been SO much drama.

We’re not sure what is going on with Lauren and Jon… Will Amber T and Dan ever sort things out between them? But most importantly, will Tommy, Georgia and Megan be able to even be in the same room again after THAT confrontation in Sunday night’s episode?

For those of you who haven’t caught up on all the Brentwood beef, Georgia Kousoulou and her boyfriend Tommy Mallet have fallen out with Megan McKenna after they suggested that Megan was only reconciling with ex-bestie Chloe Meadows because she didn’t have many other friends and was feeling pushed out.

Keeping up?

Well, when he faced a backlash from Megan’s loyal fans, Tommy spoke out about the drama on Twitter, and it looks like he could be ready to say goodbye to the show forever…

‘I think nows the time to go do what I’ve got to do with my own life…’ Tommy began. ‘It’s mad… How boring would the show be if someone never spoke out of turn like I do?’

The Essex lad even admitted he’d been facing his fair share of trolling since the new series began: ‘Getting called fat constantly on twitter by people’s fans because I made a comment on them…’

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‘F** this I gotta go do what’s right for my company… & the things that actually mean something and make me proud, & before you drop the jealousy card to me.. I became comfortable for life when I was 24 years old.. if you get me [sic]’ Tommy raged.

But Tommy certainly wasn’t finished there…

‘I’m as real as they come.. I could of proposed to G for air time & magazine deals.. I’ve stayed true.. never sold my soul to no one [sic]’ he tweeted, before slamming his own show: ‘Big up Towie…. Little snakes’

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And reports claim that Tommy went on to share: ‘After watching that scene… The only way is Essex can go f*** themselves… That’s all I’m saying’ before quickly deleting the tweet.

The footwear designer also posted a picture of the phrase: ‘People are blind to reality and only see what they want to see’ and finished his rant by hitting back to all the haters: ‘You’ll love me next week… & if you don’t… Go brush your teeth’

Eesh… Drama, drama, drama.

We just hope this doesn’t mean Tommy is waving goodbye to the show for good!