Nicola McLean’s Husband Has Spoken Out About Kim Woodburn

After Nicola McLean and Kim Woodburn's fall out on Celebrity Big Brother, Tom Williams has spoken out...

Kim Woodburn has been falling out with pretty much everyone on Celebrity Big Brother. 

In the past few days, we’ve seen her come to verbal blows with a number of her fellow housemates – including a dramatic showdown with Nicola McLean.

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The How Clean Is Your House? star seems to enjoy throwing insults at her fellow contestants. But viewers have also been quick to point out that ‘shut up’ appears to be a favoured comeback for Kim to dish out.

nicola mclean cbb

Yup. We’re flashing back to the playground too.

Anyway, Nicola’s husband Tom Williams has been pretty vocal about CBB on social media for a whole host of different reasons. Of course, we’re talking about her on-screen friendship with Jamie O’Hara.

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But following her argument with Kim, Tom has posted again. And it’s made his feelings about the whole CBB situation very clear.

Nicola McLean

You might know a little something about Stormzy’s hit, Shut Up. Well, a meme has been made which splices the rapper’s lyrics with shots of Kim in the Celebrity Big Brother house, and Tom has shared it on his Instagram page.

He captioned the video clip: ‘Been sent so many things over the last week but this has to be best so far #stormzy v #kim #shutup I’ve gone 😂 – the one where she is walking off then turns back – SHUT UP’.

Now that’s a battle we’d like to see.

His fans were quick to comment, with reactions including: ‘Get her out that house she is vile!!!! And totally bullying Nicola’ and ‘Nic is doing herself and you and the boys proud and handling that vile woman so well’.

The football player also shared the video on Twitter, tweeting: ‘Hey @bbuk have you seen this – by far the best thing I’ve seen all series not stopped watching it all day…’

A little bit of shade there? Who knows…