So Did Tom Powell *Really* Just Quit Love Island…?

Is it just us, or does it feel like people keep walking out of Love Island this year?

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The final few moments of last night’s ITV2 show saw Tom Powell drop a bombshell – it seems he’s planning on QUITTING, following a very tense conversation with girlfriend Sophie.


Of course, the arrival of his ex Emma-Jane Woodham was always going to bring the drama. But what Tom probably didn’t see coming was the fact the Sophie and Emma (or Semma, as they’re now known) actually get along swimmingly and appear to have become friends.

The girls were sent (by order of text) for a coffee, and they bonded over tales about Tom. When they returned, Sophie made it clear to Tom that all was well.


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All good, right? Well, apparently not…

It seemed that the girls’ bonding session was a little too much for Tom. And when he made this clear to his other half, accusing her of spending more time with Em’ than him, Soph’ appeared to reach breaking point.


She hit back at him, ‘You push and you push all the f***ing time. You made it go from nought to 100. You made this situation 10 times worse. Every f***ing day there’s something f***ing else. I’m not walking on egg shells anymore. I’m struggling to handle you.’

Tom responded, ‘I think it’s best I go. I’ve been thinking about it all day. I want to go…’

Sophie, who was tearful, told him, ‘I don’t want you to go’.


But Tom appeared to have made up his mind, heading up to the bedroom to pack up his things, and telling his fellow islanders of his intention to walk.

He explained: ‘I’m not being stupid I’m going home. She told me I pushed her so far and I’m the reason she’s always unhappy. I don’t want to be here anymore.’

We didn’t actually see him walk out of those villa doors, so we’ll be tuning in tonight to see whether he actually goes through with it…