Why GBBO Tom’s Hipster Picnic Was Trending On Twitter Last Night

People were less than impressed with Tom Gilliford's hipster picnic, which saw him got booted off the show. But more importantly, who noticed Jane's moustache?

If you didn’t watch last night’s Great British Bake Off, now is the time to stop reading. Because this post contains some pretty mega spoilers.

The theme for yesterday’s episode was Desserts, and there was one almighty reason why Tom Gilliford’s sweet creation quickly started trending on Twitter.

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Because yep, Tom went there and decided to bake a ‘Hipster Picnic’ for his showstopper.

The bakers were tasked with making mini mousse cakes, but Tom decided to get edgy and pipe his cakes into hipster sandwiches instead.



In the end, Tom was booted off the show, despite winning Star Baker last week. Oh, the curse strikes again…

But at least that hipster picnic got its very own hashtag, and soon became one of the biggest Twitter talking points of Wednesday nights. And despite Tom attempting to defend his sloppy baking efforts, people were still left FUMING with Tom for his #hipsterpicnic fail.

‘The problem with my #Hispter picnic was that I tried to pipe my mousse before it was cool 😉 #GBBO’, Tom tweeted in his defence.

But viewers weren’t having any of it.

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And cakes aside, it was the name that seemed to rile people up the most.

‘Twelve hours later, I’m still very angry at what Tom on #GBBO thought a hipster would have at a picnic’, one slammed.

‘Hipster Picnic is probably one of the worst things I’ve ever seen on #GBBO’, said another.

However, whilst it was Tom’s picnic that nabbed its very own spot on Twitter’s list of trending topics, there was something else that got people talking on last night’s episode.

And we think it made us even happier with Tom’s trendy picnic.

Yes, we’re talking about Jane’s moustache, which mysteriously seemed to sprout from NOWHERE and which sent GBBO viewers into meltdown.

‘Did anyone else see Jane’s cheeky hipster moustache in the background as Tom was being judged? She’s my fave. ??#GBBO’, one viewer tweeted.

Even better, Jane herself even confirmed the status of her moustache.

We love you, Jane.