Tom Hiddleston Says Taylor Swift Is ‘Amazing’

Oh, Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift….

They make one very good looking couple, no?

The pair have rocked the showbiz world with snaps of them canoodling in public (can we get an ‘awww’?), but there’s also been a lot of speculation over the timing.

Well, it is only a few weeks since Swifty and Calvin Harris split, having dated for just over a year.

But, what’s the deal with Tom and Taylor?

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They’re reported to have met at the Met Gala, and a totally adorbs video of them dancing went viral at the time, with many pointing out how much chemistry they had.

The thing of it is, Tay Tay was still dating Calvin at the time, as their break-up didn’t hit headlines until 1st June. Awks.

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But, if these quotes are anything to go by, it seems that Tom was very fond of Swifty after the bash.  

MTV caught up with him after the Met Gala, and he revealed to the publication, ‘I sat next time to her at dinner that night, and she was very charming.’

The British actor also gushed, ‘She is amazing’, before explaining, ‘I mean, I’ve seen a couple of her videos, and I think, I remember Shake It Off was released around the time we made I Saw the Light. She’s very cool, yeah.’ 

Oh, bless ’em.