Why Doesn’t Tom Hiddleston Follow Taylor Swift On Instagram?!

As rumours continue to circulate about their relationship, it turns out Taylor and Tom don't follow each other on Instagram.

In this day and age, Instagram is arguably a pivotal part of a modern relationship. The sanctum of the couple selfie, the home of the #CoupleGoals.

Yep, for all those in a relationship, we’re presuming you probably follow your other half on Insta- right?!

Er, wrong. Because as rumours alleging to trouble in paradise continue to circulate, it turns out that Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift are 100% not following each other on Instagram. We know.

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So this is the situation- yesterday, Tom Hiddleston joined Instagram. Sharing a picture of himself in his Loki costume of the Thor franchise, Tom captioned the snap ‘He’s back!’. We were excited, things were looking good.

He's back!

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However, our ‘better late than never’ attitude soon disappeared when we noticed that he WASN’T FOLLOWING TAYLOR SWIFT. Everyone, stay calm.

Despite some fans thinking joining Instagram was Tom’s way of announcing his return to the set of the latest Thor movie, others are a bit more concerned at fact he’s not following anyone. Not one single person. Not even a little someone called ‘Taylor Swift’.

And weirdly, Tay-Tay’s not following him either. Odd, right?!


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It’s been widely speculated that things have been a bit touch and go for Tay-and-Tom lately, with people concerned over their lack of public appearances. Tom is currently in Australia filming and Taylor is in the USA, so ya’know- it’s not exactly round the corner.

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However, a source recently told The Sun that the couple are very much still together- confirming that ‘they’re focusing on work at the moment but will be back in each other’s company soon’, before adding ‘They are 100 per cent still together’.

It’s been a bit of a month for Tay, with Kim’s video leak causing a lot of A-list drama and ex-boyfriend Calvin releasing a seemingly shady music video, so we’re very glad to hear that she and Tom are still together.

Alice Perry