Tom Hardy To Play Tarzan?

Tom Hardy could be slipping into a loincloth to play Tarzan, if Warner Bros and director David Yates have their way!

The movie reboot of the well-known story is picking up steam now David’s joined the project, and he’s previously been in talks with Tom to direct him in a different project, Cicero, about Al Capone.

Now, though, it’s thought that they want Tom to take on the role of Tarzan too, although it’s not clear if he wants the part.

If he doesn’t, there are a few more actors lined up, including Henry Cavill, Charlie Hunnam and Alexander Skarsgard… Yum!

Tom‘s been keeping busy in Namibia filming Mad Max: Fury Road, supporting charities by “bearing” all, and YOU could meet him on September 17th, when he’ll be in London for a signing!

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