Tom Hardy Talks New Movie & Travel Plans For 2013

Tom Hardy showed up at the English National Ballet Christmas party last week, which we attended too – swoon!

Before going in, he chatted about his plans for 2013 with the assembled press, putting his own unique spin on them!

Tom‘s got a LOT of movies on the cards next year – it looks like his passport is going to get tons of stamps. The lovely chap told us:

“I intend to maybe climb Everest, I intend to go out to Mozambique and Tanzania and I’m going to work on an anti-poaching squad. I intend to go to Brooklyn for a while and play with pit bulls, I intend to go to Siberia and do some work out there… But I could climb Mount Ararat, you know? I don’t know… There could be all kinds of things happening.”

To decipher all this, we’ve put on our detective hats – we know he’ll be playing British climber George Mallory in the upcoming Everest, he has two anti-poaching movies on the horizon which he’s producing with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire, he’s attached to the adaptation of Dennis Lehane’s short story Animal Rescue, and he travelled Siberia this year for a Discovery Channel documentary – it seems he hasn’t got his fill just yet!

We can’t wait to see what Tom gets up to in 2013 – it’s been an amazing 2012 for the British actor! BS