Tom Hardy Proves He’s Double The Legend

Tom Hardy is a pretty fine specimen of an actor. And in his up and coming blockbuster, there’s two of him. 

Double the Hardy. In suits. To say we’re excited is an understatement. 

Playing both parts of the infamous Kray twins, South East London’s notorious gangster duo, Legend is the true story of the terror they inflicted during the ’50s and ’60s. 



Hardy takes on the characters of both Ronnie and Reggie, identical twin brothers who rose to criminal fame in the 1950’s through their gang The Firm. The pair were nightclub owners in the West End of London, allowing them to mingle with well-known entertainers including Diana Dors and Frank Sinatra, and even politicians of the time.

Involved in a mix of organised crime, including armed robberies, assaults and even murder, they were feared by those in the area.



In the 1960s they became celebrities in their own right, taking on television appearances before they were finally arrested in 1968.

Tom Hardy, naturally, is the centre of the new trailer

We’re using this opportunity to take a look back at all the times he pretty much kicked ass. Because, we expect him to do nothing less in this new flick. 



Explanation not needed. 

The Dark Knight 


As Batman’s nemesis, he managed to stir up a revolution and almost destroyed an entire city (until Batman saved the day, obvs).



The man survived a throat split. What more can you say? 



He did some pretty thugish things for the man he loved. This was his reward. Every kick-ass guy has a heart. 



He took on the role of another infamous criminal, and totally nailed that too. 



And, showing us he’s a real softie in real life, he was caught out crying at the end of the Kleenex advert… 

Legend hits cinemas on 9th September. 

By Laura Jane Turner