Tom Hardy Could Climb Mount Everest For New Role

Tom Hardy has been linked to another acting project – playing famed Mount Everest climber George Mallory in a new film, Everest, from director Doug Liman.

The actor is currently in Namibia filming Mad Max: Fury Road, but he’s set to swap the sand for the snow after starting talks with Sony Pictures and Doug, who’s directing his fiancee Charlotte Riley with Tom Cruise in All You Need Is Kill.

George made three expeditions to become the first man to climb Everest in the 1920s, but – spoiler alert! – never returned from his final trip up the mountain, though some believe he made it to the top. Whether he did make it is still speculated upon today. 

Tom is also lined up to play Al Capone in Cicero, and an alcoholic drinking away his life on a reservation in The Long Red Road. With all these projects coming up, we can’t wait to see more Tom on the big screen.

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