Tom Ford Turns 52 Today – Happy Birthday!

Tom Ford turns 52 today (we wouldn’t put that wrinkle-free face a day over 40) so we’re hoping the suit saint will have a few glasses of Moët to toast the big day and invite some showbiz pals to party on down – what a guest list that would be. 

Not only has the former Gucci god dressed the sexiest ladies ever to win a place on the A-list, but Tom’s measured the inside leg of some of Hollywood’s hottest sexpots. Lucky, lucky man. 

In fact, he’s so respected by certain fashion-conscious celebs that one music mogul even wrote an entire track about the razor sharp tailor as a nod to his tip-top creations, which got us thinking – if he did have an all-out boozy party tonight, who would get a golden ticket? 

1. Justin Timberlake would no doubt be popping corks at this birthday bash after the swish crooner teamed up with Tom to create a suave bespoke wardrobe for his latest tour. Top tailoring pals. 

2. Brit beaut Robert Pattinson loves the birthday boy’s namesake label too. You can expect the Twilight star to don a freshly cut suit to his next premiere if he’s not pictured first smouldering in one of Tom’s tartan wool coats. #1 celeb fan. 

3. Beyoncé slipped into a super-sexy Tom Ford cut out frock for the VMA after-party last weekend, but Bey wouldn’t be the only family member getting a VIP pass to Tom’s bash… 

4. Hubbie Jay-Z is the music superstar to pen a track dedicated to the handiwork of Mr Ford so we’d be surprised if he didn’t pop along with his wife and daughter Blue Ivy – her first pair of heels were designed by the main man himself too!  

5. Tux lover Tinie Tempah is another singer to grow a soft spot for the former YSL creative director’s garms. Tom’s sleek lined suits and bold specs are two of Tinie’s fave fashion picks. 

6. Colin Firth would have received a chic party invite in the post from the US designer as the British actor starred in the 52-year-old’s directional debut, A Single Man. Film friends. 

7. Anne Hathaway‘s partial to a figure-hugging gown by the slick designer. The Les Miserables star has slipped into many a Tom Ford for her red carpet appearances. 

8. Rihanna‘s shoe collection boasts a good few pairs of the birthday boy’s sassy styles too. From knee high monochrome printed boots to S&M inspired padlock stilettos, RiRi can’t get enough of Tom’s fierce footwear. 

We reckon it’s safe to say this all round charming chap has worked his magic on a few celebs in his time because that’s one serious guestlist. All we need now is for Tom to actually have a party and pop our invite in the post…

By Claire Blackmore

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