Tom Daley Has Movie Star Ambitions

Tom Daley wowed us all during the Olympics with his medal win in the diving, but now he’s setting his sights on other ambitions.

Although he’s shifted his focus back to his education right now, he’s looking further ahead, and definitely wants to be on screen…

Well, he DOES look very good on camera, as this sneak-peek at his new calendar shows! We know that Kylie Minogue would agree.

Tom told the Evening Standard that he wants to star in a film someday:

“At the moment I am studying, but I would like to become a TV presenter or something along those lines. Film work, I’d love to do anything like that. I would love to try anything new really, be it star in a film or playing a small little part in something like that, that would be pretty cool.”

His A-Levels are coming first right now, and he says university will follow. Very sensible!

Still, we wouldn’t mind staring at him on a really big screen… BS