This News About Tom Cruise And Daughter Suri Is Heartbreaking

Apparently, the A-list actor hasn't 'seen or called Suri in about three years'...

Being the offspring of two of Hollywood’s most famous stars can’t be easy in itself, but it sounds like Suri Cruise’s life is in fact much harder than we thought…

According to multiple new sources, Tom Cruise is basically not in contact with his 10-year-old daughter any more. So sad.

Tom and Katie Holmes got divorced back in 2012, and since then, Katie has been linked with singer and actor Jamie Foxx.

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Tom cruise suri cruise

Tom Cruise is reportedly not in touch with his daughter any more…

Cruise appeared to remain on good terms with his ex and daughter, but a new family source is claiming that he has gone AWOL on his and Katie’s offspring.

‘Tom hasn’t seen or even called Suri in about three years,’ the source told Us Weekly.

‘Tom has no relationship with Suri’, another insider said.

The last time Tom and his youngest daughter were seen together was back in August 2012 at Disney, Florida.

We really hope this isn’t true.