Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes ‘Incredibly Happy’ After Divorce

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have no regrets where their divorce is concerned. A friend of the couple has confessed to Us Weekly that the pair have been “incredibly happy” since their shock split last summer.

Adam Shankman, who directed Tom in Rock Of Ages, said: “They are incredibly happy. I’ve just been emailing with him. He’s coming back. He’s shooting [All You Need Is Kill] in London and seems as happy as a clam. I know he sees his daughter.”

Tom is involved in a high-profile £33 million lawsuit against Life & Style after the magazine claimed that Tom “abandoned” Suri after his split from Katie. He strenuously denies the allegations and is due in court at the end of April to fight his case.

Katie won primary custody of the six-year-old last year, but Tom still sees her regularly and is said to speak to his daughter “many times a day”.

Adam added: “Katie seems really happy. You just fight through all the noise. And it’s noisy!” RM