Tom And Gi Fletcher Are Criticised For A Parenting Decision

We can’t quite believe we’re writing this, but Tom and Giovanna Fletcher have been criticised for their parenting skills.

But don’t worry! The couple haven’t actually done anything wrong. In fact, the whole situation is completely ridiculous.

Basically, Giovanna posted an Instagram snap of their two-year-old son Buzz’s feet clad in a teeny-tiny pair of Nike Air Max at the weekend.

It was these trainers that (ridiculously) caused a stir on Instagram


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The black trainers featured various coloured panels, as well as bright pink laces.

The 31-year-old had captioned the image: ‘Colourful shoe game today from Buzz! Thanks auntie Giorgie and Uncle Chickpea! Xxx.’

We all know that Tom and Giovanna Fletcher are great parents


But unfortunately for Gi and McFly singer Tom, they ended up being criticised for their choice of footwear. Er.

This was all because of the shoe laces. In a ridiculous comment that’s now been deleted, a cruel follower labelled the ties ‘highly embarrassing’ for a boy.

They also claimed that they shouldn’t be putting their son in ‘girls’ shoes’.

Giovanna Fletcher gave birth to her second son Buddy in February


Firstly, what exactly ARE ‘girls’ shoes’? And whatever your thoughts, we’re pretty sure Tom and Gi didn’t ask for anyone else’s opinions.

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Happily for the couple – who also have two-month-old son Buddy – the majority of people agreed with us.

Happily, the majority of Tom and Giovanna Fletcher’s fans didn’t see a problem with the footwear


‘Parenting done right. Don’t raise your child to gender associate products, raise them to have the confidence to make their own choices,’ wrote one supportive fan.

Another said: ‘I was pretty sure the world was “over” the whole.. pink is for girls and blue is for boys? Obviously some people are not. Gorgeous shoes for a gorgeous little guy! Fab parents too! x.’

We’re totally with you on that one.