Love Island’s Tom Is Angry With Adam’s Behaviour

Since Tom Powell’s departure from the Love Island villa, one of the boys hasn’t wasted ANY time in getting to know Sophie again.

But, um, has he totally forgotten that Tom will definitely be watching from home?

It was an emotional goodbye between Tom and Soph after Tom was voted off the island on last night’s show. In fact, Soph spent most of the night in tears. Aw.

But today was a new day, and in tonight’s episode, we’ve seen her being offered a shoulder to cry on by none other than Adam.

Yep, with Tom now out of the picture, the Irish hunk has made his feelings for Sophie clear, telling pal Scott that he might make a move.

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We then saw Adam sliding onto a sun lounger next to Sophie and laying on his chat, nice and thick – much to Tom’s annoyance.

‘I think you’ve spent a month of being smothered by a guy’, Adam told Sophie. ‘Now you’ve got the chance to be a butterfly and blossom. You were in a cocoon.’

Sophie replied: ‘Yep. Ive been through quite a lot in here and now it’s time to enjoy myself.’



And Adam didn’t stop there. ‘In my opinion, Tom was a lot more into you than you were into him’, he added.

And Powell didn’t take it lying down, tweeting from his sofa: ‘Adam… You what bro?!’

He then followed up with: ‘Adam stop grafting’.

LOLs. While we do feel for The Tank, this did make for some pretty amusing viewing…