If You See One Of These Coat Hooks In A Public Toilet, Do Not Use It

The scary items are being sold online for less than £15

A disturbing trend has made headlines today and it’s important that everyone is aware. The below innocent looking coat hooks are being installed in public toilets, but they’re far more dangerous than they seem at first glance.

According to The Mirror, said hooks have tiny cameras in so that women can be ‘spied on’ while going to the toilet or undressing in changing rooms.

Via MCSO – Florida Keys, Facebook

It’s now a known issue in the US that police are dealing with, but of course has the potential to become a problem anywhere in the world.

What’s more, the hooks are already available to buy in the UK, too – some cost a mere £14.

What’s frightening is that just about anyone could install one of these hidden cameras in public areas – so keep your eye out for any evidence in changing rooms and public toilets.

And if you see one of the coat hooks in a public place, leave immediately and report its presence to the police.

Words by Lucy Abbersteen