Why Everyone’s Talking About Toff’s Grandma On MIC

Made in Chelsea is back! HOORAY.

The new series kicked off last night, meaning we were reunited with old favourites including Jamie Laing, Louise Thompson, Lucy Watson and Binky Felstead.

There were also a couple of new additions to the cast, in the form of Jessica Molly Dixon and Olivia Bentley.

Olivia Bentley’s revelation certainly caused a stir


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Olivia’s already causing dramz, what with her revelation that she used to hook up with Sam Thompson, AKA Tiffany Watson’s boyfriend. Eek.

As expected, this caused quite a stir down in SW3. And we can only imagine the tension levels rising as the season progresses…

Jessica Molly Dixon has also joined the cast


But anyway, there was actually another person viewers could NOT stop talking about. Who was that? Er, Toff’s grandma!

She appeared in a scene with Mark-Francis Vandelli and Victoria Baker-Harber, talking about Toff’s decision to move out from her parents’ house and in with pals.

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Yep. This is Toff’s GRANDMA


However, fans weren’t really paying attention to the conversation. Because they were too busy gawping over how blimmin’ young she looked.

Comments included: ‘Errrrm I’ll have whatever Toff’s grandma is having #MadeInChelsea,’ and: ‘Toff’s grandma literally looks younger than most teenage girls.’

Ooh. What’s going to happen on next week’s episode…?


One particularly bemused Tweeter wrote: ‘Struggling to believe there is a another generation between Toff and her grandma #MadeInChelsea #mic.’

TBH, so are we. All we do know is that with genes like that, Toff is one lucky girl…