Tina O’Brien Says She’s Inviting Her Ex To Her Wedding

Would you ever invite an ex to your wedding? Tina O’Brien plans to do just that.

The Coronation Street actress, 32, is engaged to personal trainer Adam Crofts. And when she walks down the aisle, ex Ryan Thomas will be there watching.

She tells The Sun: ‘It would be wrong not to.’

> Tina O’Brien dated Ryan Thomas for six years


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So how has Tina managed to put the past behind her so successfully? She and Ryan – who played her on-screen husband Jason Grimshaw – split in 2009, a year after welcoming daughter Scarlett.

She explains: ‘It’s taken a lot of years and a lot of biting my tongue. Seriously, though, it’s mainly down to Adam and Ryan.

> Tina O’Brien is now engaged to Adam Crofts


‘It helps that everyone has moved on and is in a happy place. Ryan is really happy and we are happy, so there aren’t any issues.

‘For the sake of Scarlett, it has been well worth preserving [our relationship] and choosing our battles.

‘[These can be] small things, such as Ryan not liking Scarlett wearing nail varnish when I’ve put it on her, or the times when he has brought her back late.

> Tina O’Brien and Ryan Thomas share daughter Scarlett


‘But it’s about finding your middle ground and getting on with each other. It’s also realising that, at the end of the day, they are daft, petty things. [It’s fine] as long as we can get past it, and everyone has got the end goal of trying to make it work for Scarlett.

‘To be honest, a lot of it stems from Adam being so laid-back and brilliant. There have been times where I’ve called Adam and said: “Oh right, you’re there with Ryan?” Adam is amazing. He is one in a million.’

> Tina O’Brien and Ryan Thomas continued to star in Coronation Street together after their split


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Tina – who also has son Beau, one, with Adam – even spent Christmas with Ryan two years ago.

> Tina O’Brien and Ryan Thomas’s characters Sarah-Louise Platt and Jason Grimshaw married on screen


She says: ‘It could have been really, really awful, but it genuinely wasn’t. Beforehand, I did have a moment where I thought: “This could be really awkward.” but Ryan was fine, Adam was fine and Scarlett was very happy.

‘In the end I was thinking: “Actually, this is lovely.”‘