Tina Malone Hits Back At Body-Shamers Following Her Weight Loss

The former Shameless actress has been through quite the health and fitness journey. But she's been experiencing some horrible comments online...

Tina Malone is no stranger to body-shaming, but that certainly doesn’t excuse it.

The former Shameless actress took to the This Morning sofa in August last year, debuting her weight loss transformation – although we must point out that this wasn’t the sole purpose for her appearance, despite what the social media comments would have had you believing.

Sadly, the word ‘skeleton’ was thrown around Twitter quite a bit. Not cool.

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Fast-forward to the present day, and it seems that nothing much has really changed. SIGH.

We’d love to be able to tell you that shaming isn’t a thing anymore. But, here we are.

New photos of the 54-year-old have emerged. Tina was sunning herself on holiday, in a pink bikini on a beach in Spain.

Tina Malone on This Morning back in 2010

Tina Malone on This Morning back in 2010

She sure looked like she was enjoying herself (and why shouldn’t she have been?!), but apparently everyone has been busy focusing on her, er, ‘wrinkly skin’ instead.

Understandably, the actress seems a little ticked off, and has taken to Twitter to defend herself.

She told fans: ‘I’d just like to say I’m no model, looked, I’m an old girl, 54 yrs. I’m happy, healthy eradicated my diabetes and high blood pressure [sic]’.

She added, ‘But I am horrified by the wrinkly skin on my legs,tummy,back,bum etc in the mirror,mail,men,echo today,,I actually have sobbed tonite x [sic]’.

Another tweet read: ‘But I’m only human, I don’t deserve the batterin iv had from people,not the press just nasty comments,its not fair to my hubby,daughters etc [sic]’.

She signed off, ‘I take it all and that goes with the job,I’m not blind I know how much skin I need to have removed,I just feel for my family,I cudnt give…

‘A rat’s arse what people think bout my wrinkly,saggy skin its what I think that counts,it looks awful,so.. watch this space xx [sic]’.

Oh, Tina :(.