Here’s All The Times Beyoncé Managed To Hide Her Twin Baby Bump

Exactly HOW has Bey managed to keep a baby bump (x2) under wraps until that big Instagram reveal?!

Beyoncé can now add Master of Disguise to her job title list (along with Ultimate Popstar and General Queen of Life), after surprising the world yesterday with her big, extremely beautiful pregnancy reveal.

Somehow, one of the most famous women in the world managed to keep a pretty big double-baby bump completely hidden for months, despite public appearances, a huge US performance and a handful social media pics.

Um, how? We’ve been so naive.

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Beyoncé’s twin pregnancy bump is blossoming in the Instagram picture posted on Wednesday, so it’s taken some seriously clever wardrobe choices and a whole lot of outfit planning to keep Bey and Jay’s new twins a secret.

And when you take a look back at them all, you’ll wonder how we didn’t all figure it out ages ago.

Beyoncé was last seen out and about just before Christmas, when she showed up at Mariah Carey’s festive New York show looking as fierce as ever.

Backstage at Christmas time with our beautiful children. @beyonce 😘 #christmas #family #love

A photo posted by Mariah Carey (@mariahcarey) on

An all black outfit, paper-bag waist jumpsuit and strictly front-facing pics meant that there wasn’t even a hint of a preggers tummy at the time. Maybe we were just distracted by the giant hat but hey, now it all makes sense.

A couple of weeks earlier, Bey popped up in a Mannequin Challenge video (lol, remember that) with Destiny’s Child bandmates Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland.

Here's All The Times Beyoncé Managed To Hide Her Twin Baby Bump

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Whilst there could have only been a teeny tiny hint of bump at this point, a loose fitting red dress with draped fabric and a carefully-placed flowing sleeve kept any possible early signs completely on the down low. Sneaky sneaky.

And around the same time, when the first glimpse of the twins would have probably just started to make an appearance, Bey and Jay performed at Hilary Clinton’s presidential candidate campaign event.

Here's All The Times Beyoncé Managed To Hide Her Twin Baby Bump

Now that we know the amazing news, her bold polkadot print suit seems like a very clever choice to create a little bit of distraction and an optical illusion over her stomach. We’re SO on to you, Bey.

And look, even the cute Christmas video she posted on Instagram featured a front-facing snap of her with hand-on-tummy. We’re gonna guess the reindeer antlers were just an extra distraction that we fell for.

All The Times Beyonce Hid Her Baby Bump

It wasn’t until her latest promo video for her Ivy Park clothing range that Beyoncé appeared to debuted The Bump for the very first time. Despite only appearing for a couple of seconds, shots of her rocking a body-hugging khaki bodysuit and jacket gave enough of a glimpse to send fans into a frenzy, leaving some wondering if she was pregnant.


Bey, you sneaky sausage.

By Lucy Wood