Tiffany Watson Isn’t Holding Back About Stephanie Pratt

Made In Chelsea is really kicking off right now, eh?

In case you missed Monday’s episode, Stephanie Pratt headed to the Maldives – and she took a whole load of her castmates with her.

Joining Steph in the exotic destination were Tiffany Watson, Sam Thompson, Louise Thompson, JP Patterson, Binky Felstead, Alex Mytton and Nicola Hughes.

Stephanie Pratt invited her pals to the Maldives


Of course, Lucy Watson and her boyfriend James Dunmore were absent, thanks to the fact that she and Stephanie have had a HA-uge falling out.

And unfortunately for Steph, her friendship with Lucy’s sister Tiffany was also over by the end of the trip. Eep.

This was all due to a very awkward conversation between Steph and Tiff, in which the former reminded her then-pal of the fact that she’d done the dirty on boyfriend Sam.

Stephanie Pratt and TIffany Watson had a *very* awkward chat


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Tiff opened up to Steph: ‘I feel terrible every day about that lie,’ to which the former Hills star quipped: ‘Really? Because you were playing the victim the whole time.’

Ouch. Tiffany then hit back: ‘You threatened to tell that secret, what friend does that?’

Tiffany Watson then confessed all to boyfriend Sam Thompson


Afterwards, Tiff ended up coming clean to her man, telling him: ‘Stephanie has been threatening me about something. It wasn’t just a kiss in Hong Kong and I shouldn’t have lied about it.’

So that was a big ol’ drama. And it doesn’t sound as though things have got any better between the pair since.

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Tiffany Watson isn’t exactly Stephanie Pratt’s biggest fan right now…



Tiffany tells OK! Online: ‘I don’t follow her [on Twitter], so I don’t know what she said. But she’s shown her true colours.’

Crikey. TBH, Stephanie had a pretty bad time abroad. She was also seen having a bit of a barney with Louise.

This led fans to question why Louise even agreed to vacay with someone she’s less-than-friendly with. However, she’s now explained all on Twitter.

Louise Thompson has revealed the truth behind MIC’s Maldives trip


The pretty brunette wrote: ‘Sometimes, albeit rarely, you just have NO choice on whether or not you go on an abroad trip, I know it sounds really strange.

‘Wouldn’t have been very good tv if Steph was sat on a beach on her own.’

Yep. Fair point, lady.