Tiffany Watson Speaks Out Following *That* Boyfriend Drama

So things got pretty emotional on last night’s Made In Chelsea for Tiffany Watson and Sam Thompson. 

As we’re sure you can remember, Sam previously ended things with his girlfriend after she admitted that she’d kissed someone else whilst travelling in Hong Kong. 

But during last night’s episode, which followed some of the SW3 gang on holiday to the Maldives, Tiff confessed that there was more to the story.


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Spurred on by a rather awkward conversation with Stephanie Pratt, who happens to be in a fight with Tiffany’s older sister Lucy Watson, the reality star decided to come clean to her boyfriend. 

Tiff opened up to Steph, ‘I feel terrible every day about that lie’, to which the former Hills star quipped, ‘Really? Because you were playing the victim the whole time.’


Lucy’s sister hit back, ‘You threatened to tell that secret, what friend does that?’ 


Later on that day, Tiffany and Sam shared a moment outside. She told him, ‘Stephanie has been threatening me about something. It wasn’t just a kiss in Hong Kong and I shouldn’t have lied about it.

‘There’s no excuse for what I’ve done and I should have told you.’

Tiffany broke down in tears as Sam told her, ‘I despise you, you’ve done this again and again.’

Taking to social media after the episode aired, Tiffany shared a pool-side snap along with the caption, ‘Worst trip’.


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Her fans flocked into the comments box to offer support, with messages including: ‘stay strong’, ‘A girl getting slut-shamed by other girls? Shocker! He’s done stuff to her too…’ and ‘It was in the past, yeah u should of said something b4 but u were broken up at the time. Sam is a hypocrite…’ [sic]. 

Sam must have been receiving some comments of his own, as he took to Twitter this morning to clarify, ‘We were not on a break.’


Just a week ago, Sam Thompson shared a loved-up snap with Tiffany, along with the caption, ‘When you resolve your disagreement maturely….look at us, we’re growing!’

Fans seem to have taken this as a sign that they’ve worked it out, with comments reading, ‘all fine In paradise phew’ and ‘they’re still together, reassurance of the week’.

We guess we’ll have to see how this one unfolds on screen…