Tiffany Watson Admits She’s ‘Hurt’ By Sam Thompson’s CBB Romance

It must be pretty hard for her to watch...

Made In Chelsea stars Sam Thompson and Tiffany Watson have been dating for three years, but after the pair faced some trouble in their relationship they decided to ‘take a break’ for the summer.

Guys, have you learnt NOTHING from Friends!?


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And now that Sam’s in the Celebrity Big Brother house, it looks like the couple have some more issues to work through. As viewers will know, he’s struck up a bit of a romance with former X Factor contestant Amelia Lily.

Uh-oh, poor Tiff.

Talking candidly to OK!, Tiff admits she was surprised that the two had connected, saying: ‘I didn’t think she was his type.’

Fans of the Channel 5 reality show have seen Sam confess that his doesn’t want his flirtation with Amelia to be considered a ‘showmance’ or a ‘rebound’ from Tiff.

He’s also admitted that he’d like to take the singer for a drink after the show ends, as he thinks she’s girlfriend material.

But when Sam referred to his relationship with Tiffany as his ‘baggage’, the Chelsea girl took to Twitter to set the story straight.

She also said: ‘I’ve never met her, so I can’t really judge, but it’s not nice to hear – which is why I haven’t been watching CBB that much. It hurts watching him with Amelia.’

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When the two Made In Chelsea stars decided to go on their ‘summer break’, Sam explained: ‘I want to marry Tiff, I know I’m going to have kids with her. I’m just very aware of how young I am.’

But now, Tiff seems pretty unsure. She says: ‘I don’t know at this point. You can never say never, but I have no idea what the future holds.

‘I’ve just been getting on with seeing my friends and focusing on work. You could say I’m in limbo, but I’m making the most of my time.

‘I’ll always love Sam. It’s so hard to explain. I know a different side to him. When we’re not on a break, we’re like best friends.’

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And is she missing him while he’s in the CBB house? ‘I would be lying if I said I didn’t. I know I can turn on the TV and have a look at him, but it’s hard not speaking to him at all and not knowing what he’s thinking. I miss him making me laugh.’

Will these two be able to make it through their issues? Or has Sam’s head been turned for good? Only time will tell…

By Emily Jefferies